International talent competition kicks off in Wuxi
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With the recent official launch of the 2022 China (Wuxi) Taihu International Elite Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Wuxi in east China's Jiangsu Province is sincerely inviting talent as well as innovation and entrepreneurship projects from around the world.


Wuxi ranks first in the country's large and medium-sized cities in terms of its per capita GDP. With the Internet of Things, integrated circuits, biomedicine and other 100-billion-RMB level industries promoting the rapid development of the city, Wuxi sees the clustering of global innovative resources and high-end talent. The 2021 China (Wuxi) Taihu International Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition as well as many other international events settled down in Wuxi, giving incentives to the quality development of the city. 


Zhao Jianping,the Director of Wuxi Science and Technology Bureau said: “Last year, our competition received 718 project proposals in total. Aside from further promoting the influence of the competition, we will highlight in this year's event the close integration of Wuxi's industries together with those of Japan and South Korea by organizing online roadshows in integrated circuits, new materials, advanced manufacturing industries, etc., so as to enhance our industrial cooperation. ”


Listed in the Most Attractive Chinese City for Talent for three consecutive years, Wuxi has set up such organizations as the Yangtze River Delta (Wuxi) International Talent Hub and Wuxi Talent Group to better serve talent and projects. Li Daming, who used to serve in the National Research Council of Canada and the US-based Caterpillar Inc., cannot help singing high praise for Wuxi: “We started our business 5 years ago with six engineers. We selected Wuxi, not only because it's a beautiful city, but also because it's a place to raise a group of engineers. Now we have 150 engineers in our company. And we know we made a right decision. Like five years ago, we compared within a dozen cities and finally chose Wuxi. After we settle down in Wuxi, local government gives us a very good support policy and help us to grow really fast.”


Statistics show that Wuxi boasts 152,500 high-level talent, 22,000 international talent, the settlement of more than 1,300 international projects, as well as the establishment of the Taihu Talent Development Fund and Taihu Talent Angel Fund, each with an investment scale of 200 million RMB, to support talent development in the city. From March to May 2022, the 2022 China (Wuxi) Taihu International Elite Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is once again inviting talent and project teams from all over the world with up to 10 million RMB of support for winning projects.